REGENTS PAK CHAMBERS is a specialist niche private practice which an deal with your case from start to finish. No need for a solicitor with our experience as we provided litigation services under public access scheme which means that you can instruct us direct without hiring a solicitor but if at any stage it is necessary to engage a solicitor, we will let you know in advance.

The practice has been set up to provide legal services in the areas of Immigration & Asylum, Family, Civil, Property, Advocacy, Wills & Probates, Employment, Landlord & Tenant, Commercial Leases, and and also as Commissioner of Oath  in Mitcham and it covers clients locally, nationally and internationally.


We do not have Legal Aid and clients have to pay us privately either on fixed fees basis or hourly rate basis. 


Mr. Ahmad, who is self-employed barrister has been running law firm as solicitor from 2007 until he set us this chamber in 2019 and he has been exercising rights of audience in higher courts in Civil Law matters including Immigration & Asylum. So, he is capable of offering a complete service to all clients without the need for a solicitor under public access scheme and he is also authorised to conduct litigation which can not be done by all every barrister. That means he can issue legal documents and initiate litigation on your behalf by giving his name on the record of the court which is usually done by the solicitors.

To provide services in ligation under public access scheme gives the client the benefit of having the equivalent of a Solicitor and Barrister to advise from the start of a case to the finish, whether it be in the Small Claims Court or in the House of Lords.

Zaheer received  the Higher Rights qualification based upon his experience in civil law, advocacy and being judge in Pakistan and with the support of the Judiciary. We are capable of dealing with Immigration, Family law, Civil Litigation Matters including contractual disputes,  employment matters.

When you experience a problem, everything can change – we know that at Regents Pak Chambers. With more than a century of combined experienced litigating on our clients’ behalf, you can focus on your family, instead of finding yourself overwhelmed and worried about your court case.

We have experienced solicitors working day in and day out on helping people deal with their legal problems. Find out how our services can help you and your family get on the path to healing.